Client: Finelite, Inc.
Role: Senior Industrial Designer
The E2-ID is a minimal yet highly configurable extrusion based linear LED lighting solution. It is an architectural lighting product that was developed for commercial and hospitality, and healthcare spaces.
Finelite is known for creating easy to install, high quality luminaires in an astonishing 10 working days. After the success of their E1 indirect-only luminaire, our team wanted to make a fixture family that was based on the ultra minimal theology of the E1 but learned from all of the This product was an extension of their E1 ultra minimal LED lighting solution that took the lessons from that line and made a much better successor. 
Challenges: As small of a profile possible while providing the following criteria:
a) Infinitely configurable length
b) Market-leading ease of install and serviceability in grid, drywall, and low-impact retrofit situations
c) Ease of leveling for a perfectly level install (our team ended up creating a unique leveling solution that is patent pending!)
This product is available to order now in various lengths here and rectangular shape configurations here.

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